A great newsletter is like a unicorn... hard to find.

There's an art to writing a newsletter. Not only should it be sent to a clean, GDPR-compliant list, bypass spam filters, and have superb open and click rates, but it also needs to deliver engaging content that results in sales.

Although many businesses have a newsletter, the sad truth is that most of them are dreadful. This means that any VA who knows how to create a stellar newsletter (YOU) will have clients queuing up to work with them.

The other great news is that you can also charge a really high project rate for setting up a newsletter - so you can actually earn more money the faster you get.

... WIN!

Course Outline

Delivered via a mix of videos and written content, the newsletter course covers:

Lesson 1


Before you can even begin to create a newsletter, you need to know why people sign up for them and the types of businesses that might have one or should start one.

In addition to answering both of these questions, I also discuss the importance of a business's "why", share the newsletter work I've undertaken myself and give my opinion on whether Virtual Assistants need a newsletter for their own business.

Lesson 2

Getting people to sign up

There's no point in having a great newsletter if you don't have anyone to send it to! In this lesson, I share 13 different ways I get subscribers onto my own mailing list.

From lead magnets and banners to pinned posts and product auto subscribes, I bet many of these (absolutely cunning) ideas will be totally new to you.

Lesson 3

The legal stuff

As email addresses are classed as 'personal data' there are a number of legal requirements you need to be aware of. In this lesson, I talk about GDPR, permissions, data storage, unsubscribe options and double opt-ins and, more importantly, how to do each one!

I also discuss the importance of having a Data Processing Agreement (DPA) because as the Data Processor, it's you who will be fined if your client isn't complying with data protection laws.

Lesson 4

Lead magnets and content upgrades

So how do you get people to sign up for a newsletter? You give them something of value in return for their email address, that's how.

In this lesson, I explain the difference between a lead magnet and a content upgrade, help you decide what kind of magnet to offer (and provide 18 examples for inspiration), as well as showing you how to ensure the download successfully reaches the subscriber.

Lesson 5

Signup forms

Next, I show you how to create a signup form so people can enter their details and download the fancy-schmancy lead magnet you've just created.

I explain the five different types of signup forms (in detail) and how to create each one. I also explain what information you should ask for and why.

Lesson 6

Writing content

Onto the nitty gritty - what to write! First, I explain exactly why your client should provide the content for their newsletter and not yourself but, as some clients may want this, I show you exactly how to write each section.

From subject lines, emojis and preview text to welcome emails, auto sequences and stand-alone newsletters, I provide screenshot examples and show you what to write, how to write it and where to find compelling content.

I also cover Calls to Action (CTAs), snippets, how to add images, videos, signatures and how to structure and format a newsletter. It's a pretty long lesson!!

Lesson 7

If the client is providing the content

While the previous lesson covered how to write a newsletter by yourself, this lesson is about how to proceed if the client is providing their own content for you to use.

I explain how to access their content. I also provide a checklist of the information you will need from your client as well as what to do if their content is eye-wateringly awful.

Lesson 8

Sending the newsletter

You'd assume that in order to send a newsletter you simply press the send button, right? Nope.

In this lesson, I explain how to segment subscriber lists based on a variety of demographics, whitelisting, when to send a newsletter, and give you eleven ways to make sure your emails bypass the subscriber's spam filters and actually reach their inbox.

Lesson 9

Understanding the stats

Once you've sent a newsletter you need to understand how it's performing and know how to improve that performance.

In this lesson, I explain open rates, click-through rates and conversion rates, the difference between hard and soft bounces and how you can increase the rates while decreasing the bounces.

I also run through what to do with cold subscribers and how to regularly clean an email list to ensure the highest open, click and conversion rates for your clients.

In addition, I share my own open and click rates (and why they're way higher than the industry average) and provide the three email templates I use to keep my mailing list whistle clean.

Lesson 10

Charging and troubleshooting

Clients may present you with a number of challenging scenarios including not knowing what they want, not listening to your advice, sending spammy emails and even jeopardising your business by failing to adhere to data protection regulations.

I show you how to manage every one of these scenarios. I also provide advice on how to get experience before offering newsletters as a service and what to charge a client once you do.

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Happy Buyers

"This has been so helpful for me as I have a contact who wants me to do her email marketing. I already had experience with lead magnets, but not the actual physical creation in Mailchimp. Just signed up for an account and will set up my dummy run at the weekend. Hurrah!"

"This came at a really good time for me as I had a new client sign up today who wants to get more people on her mailing list and ultimately to her yoga classes - this has given me a few ideas that I can now help her with. Hopefully, it will stop her crying too - poor lady is really frazzled with overwhelm. Love this lots!!"

"I have just been able to speak with a client and advise her on this exact topic
which has resulted in me getting more work - BOOM!"

"This course is GREAT! I've felt way more confident when advising clients and am actually quite astounded that I'm doing it when I'm often stuck in the "nope, I'm not a tech VA" mindset."

"Finally finished the training - It was really easy to follow. I'm undertaking a client's newsletter at the moment so this is
all very relevant and I shall be getting some lead magnets added to her website too."

"Just finished the course, really clear and
I already have some clients lined up for this!"

"Really enjoying the course and learned loads! One client is looking to start sending newsletters out in the future so
it's great that I will be able to support her."

Money Back Guarantee

The only way you can decide if this course is for you is by being on the inside, not the outside. So if you sign up and decide it’s not for you, as long as you let me know within 14 days and you have completed less than 20% of the course, just ping me an email and I'll give you a full refund. 

Because if you're not happy, I'm not happy.

Why I Created This Course

Setting up newsletters is one of my most popular services and also one of my favourites. I've done so many now that they only take me a couple of hours to set up, but I charge a really good project rate for them.

The reason it's such a good service to offer is that many businesses who could really benefit from having a newsletter don't have one, and many businesses who do (okay, most of them) are doing a terrible job of it!

Clients start a newsletter because they think they 'should' but with zero strategy or content plan. They send dull emails to an untargeted list (which they never clean) and they don't even know how to measure their metrics let alone improve them.

Both my own and my clients' newsletters achieve spectacular results so I have poured all of my knowledge and experience into this course so you can do the same.

Learn a new skill, earn a ton of money and rid the world of shonky newsletters all at the same time!