Why You Should Offer Email Marketing as a Service.

Because boy, is a good newsletter hard to find!

A really good newsletter is sent to a clean, GDPR-compliant list, bypasses spam filters, and has superb open and click rates. It delivers informative and valuable content to interested subscribers and results in sales.

Although many businesses use newsletters as part of their marketing efforts, they are often falling short of their potential. So VAs who understand the intricacies of email marketing and how to create a stellar newsletter will have businesses queuing up to work with them.

Oh, and because you can charge a really good project rate for setting up a newsletter, you'll earn more money the faster you get!

The Email Marketing For Virtual Assistants course covers:

(Spoiler: everything you need in order to set up and create a phenomenal newsletter for your clients.)


From lead magnets to content upgrades, this section covers the many ways to get people to subscribe to a mailing list and how to comply with stringent data protection laws.


Adding images and videos and how to write subject lines, welcome emails and sequence emails. What info you need to get from your client and what to do if their content is awful.


The difference between a lead magnet and a content upgrade, how to decide which one to use, how to create one and then how to deliver it to a subscriber.


Segmenting subscribers, how to ensure delivery, the best time to send marketing emails and how to analyse the stats to see if the newsletter is achieving the desired results.


The many different types of signup forms, how to make each one, what you should write, what data to collect and where to place them for maximum conversion.


Managing and avoiding potential client issues, how to get experience before you offer this as a service, and then how and what to charge for newsletter set up and support.

Happy Buyers

"This came at a really good time for me as I had a new client sign up today who wants to get more people on her mailing list and ultimately to her yoga classes - this has given me a few ideas that I can now help her with. Hopefully, it will stop her crying too - poor lady is really frazzled with overwhelm. Love this lots!!"

"I have just been able to speak with a client and advise her on this exact topic which has resulted in me getting more work - BOOM!"

"This course is GREAT! I've felt way more confident when advising clients and am actually quite astounded that I'm doing it when I'm often stuck in the "nope, I'm not a tech VA" mindset."

"This has been so helpful for me as I have a contact who wants me to do her email marketing. I already had experience with lead magnets, but not the actual physical creation in Mailchimp. Just signed up for an account and will set up my dummy run at the weekend. Hurrah!"

"Finally finished the training - It was really easy to follow. I'm undertaking a client's newsletter at the moment so this is all very relevant and I shall be getting some lead magnets added to her website too."

"Just finished the course, really clear and I already have some clients lined up for this."

"Really enjoying the course and learned loads! One client is looking to start sending newsletters out in the future so it is great that I will be able to support her."

Why I Created This Course

Setting up newsletters is one of my most popular services and also one of my favourites. I've done so many now that they only take me a couple of hours to set up, but I can charge a really good project rate for them.

The reason it's such a good service is that many businesses who could really benefit from having a newsletter don't have one, and many businesses who do (okay, most of them) are doing a really bad job of it!

They started a newsletter because they thought they should but they have no strategy and no content plan. They send dull emails to an untargeted list (which they never clean) and they don't even understand how to measure their metrics let alone improve them.

Because my clients' newsletters achieve great results, I make a great income from this service and I love the work, I thought I'd share what I know so you can do the same.

Learn a new skill and help to rid the world of shonky newsletters at the same time!

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