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The Inner Circle is my monthly paid newsletter containing exclusive content you won't find on my website or in my Facebook groups. For just £3.60 a month you receive:

  • Actionable ways to improve, manage and grow your VA business.
  • Practical, highly-usable ways to add value to your clients' business.
  • How-to videos on a wide variety of subjects, platforms and tools.
  • Deep dive exploration into a myriad of business and personal development concepts.
  • A behind-the-scenes peek into how I run my own business.
  • Subscriber-only videos, exercises, cheatsheets, checklists and guides.

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“Your level of success will rarely exceed your level of personal development because success is something you attract by the person you become.” Hal Elrod

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I don't know about you, but I want every single aspect of my life to be the best it can possibly be.

I want my processes to be streamlined within an inch of their life, I want to make more money by working fewer hours, I want to be in control of my thoughts and not led by my chattering monkey mind, I want my life to be simple yet I also want to maximise my experiences... I want to live a full, intentional life solely of my own making.

I want my life to be absolutely freakin' awesome and I am totally prepared to put in the work needed to make it happen.

While I'm an honoured Auntie to six total darlings, I don't have children of my own. This means that, in addition to cream carpets and a fridge full of prosecco, I have a lot of time to learn.

I spend a vast amount of time reading about a wide array of subjects including mindset, business strategy, marketing, habit-building, productivity, SEO, pricing, copywriting, goal-setting, minimalism, organisation, psychology and 1000 other things.

I'm an absolute monster when it comes to devouring information. Learning is like oxygen to me and it is one of the true passions of my life.

The result is that I have a lot of (what I consider) valuable, next-level knowledge in my head and I want to share it with VAs who have an equal desire to improve their lives and deliver value to their clients, but who may not have the same luxury of time.

Why a paid newsletter?

A lot of this knowledge doesn't fit into my existing offerings. It's too varied for a course and may overwhelm my trainees or new VAs, plus - and I'll level with you here - I feel I already give away a helluva lot for free and I want to share this content with people who will benefit the most.

... Time poor ambitious VAs with a growth mindset who are happy to invest in super-easy, no-hassle ways to level up their lives.

Exclusive subscriber-only content

In Zen Buddhism, an ensō circle symbolises freedom, concentration and attention to the present moment as well as enlightenment - which can be defined as an awakening or understanding of something.

An incomplete circle allows for movement and development and expresses the idea that the ensō is not separate from all that is, but that it is part of something greater.


How much is the newsletter?
The Inner Circle newsletter is £3.60 a month which works out around $5 (USD) €4.18 (EU), $6.35 (CAD) and $6.45 (AUD).

* The exact amount may vary (by a few pence) depending on the daily exchange rate, but you can use the website xe.com to check.

Can I subscribe with PayPal?
I'm afraid not. You can use a payment card or PayPal to buy a back issue, but I don't have the ability to set up recurring payments with PayPal.

Should I subscribe if I'm still setting up my VA business?
Something I often see is newbies excitedly signing up to a ton of groups, webinars, podcasts and newsletters and then becoming overwhelmed with information overload.

So, while it's entirely up to you, if you don't yet have a functioning business or paying clients, I would advise you to focus on using my other resources to set up and secure work first.

(If you're still unsure if it's for you then maybe sign up for a month to see if you like it, or sign up but archive the emails for later, or buy an issue after it's published as a stand-alone product.)

When will I receive my first issue?
Each issue is sent to subscribers at noon (UK time) on the first of every month - so you need to have subscribed before that date to receive it.

For example, if an issue goes out at noon on the 1st of June and you signed up earlier that morning, then you will receive it. But if you sign up after the June issue has been sent, your first issue will be on the 1st of July.  

Do I receive back issues when I sign up?
No, you are paying to receive the issue that is due on the first of the month that is coming up. However, you can buy previous issues that were sent out before you subscribed below.

Can I cancel at any time?
Yes. You can cancel or update your card details in the 'Order History' section of your account. Instructions are also provided at the end of each newsletter and in your welcome email.

I have a question that isn't answered here.
No problem. Just ping an email to support@thevahandbook.com and ask away!

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Missed an issue?

Whether you've only just discovered the Inner Circle, you're only interested in a particular issue, or you'd simply like to try before you buy, back issues of each newsletter are available to download below.

Issue #1

This issue was published on 1st March 2021 and contains:

  • My personal Life Mission Statement and advice on how to write your own to go in your "Book of You".
  • A walkthrough video on how to manage your business and client info in Trello.
  • A LinkedIn tip on how you and your clients can stand out from the crowd.
  • Two resources that I think you will benefit from and enjoy.
Buy for £3.99

Issue #2

This issue was published on 1st April 2021 and contains:

  • A walkthrough video of my personal habit tracker and an explanation of how I use it.
  • A link to the habit tracker template so you can track your own.
  • An outline of how to be more efficient on social media along with a condensed version of my own social media strategy.
  • The productivity hack that changed my life.

Issue #3

This issue was published on 1st May 2021 and contains:

  • A walkthrough video of my Content Calendar and how I use it to map out content for the entire year.
  • How to use 'Habit Stacking'.
  • How my VA monitors my brand and catches plagiarists - and how to offer it as a service to your own clients.
  • The 2 emails templates I send to plagiarists and their hosting company.

"I just wanted to say that this is a brilliant start! I am a point where I need to 'steal hours from comfort' and to be clear about my life mission. At the moment I am a huge mass of floating ideas and thoughts that need nailing down, planning and integrating. Great points to consider and action here - thank you!" Emma H

"I just read the first Inner Circle issue - loved it. Perfect balance. Now to write my Life Mission Statement!" Michelle B

"I LOVED the first issue! So much helpful information. My favourite part was definitely the video on Trello. You’ve given me so many amazing ideas on how to utilise it. I’m looking forward to seeing how you share boards with your own VA in the future issues. Thank you for sharing your wisdom with us! Really looking forward to next month's issue. 😊" Emily B

"I was looking forward to the first issue ALL WEEKEND! It did not disappoint - chock full of great stuff, thank you so much!" Denise R

"Just a note to say I think your newsletter is worth the money for this reminder alone: "You cannot overestimate the unimportance of practically everything". I have been reading about Stoicism since your last email and it really resonated with me. So thank you for that! Right, off to do something worthwhile 😃 " Emma H

"I LOVE it! Issue 2 was very impactful and I now have a big note on my desk too... and it works!" Clare C

"I bought the first edition of the Inner Circle and I am so glad I did! I have now completely sorted my Trello which was a mess! Thank you, Jo!" Michelle P

"The Inner Circle inaugural edition was awesome! I loved the helpful Trello walk through - I honestly get value in seeing others boards and how they structure things. LinkedIn audio - wow! Went off immediately to set that up. Excellent - thank you! Looking forward to the next edition." Jackie S

"I absolutely LOVED the first Inner Circle and I can’t wait for the next issue. I’m currently thinking about my Life Mission Statement." Gemma W

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