Virtual Assistant Legal Contracts & Policies

As a business owner, it's important to have legally binding, GDPR-compliant contracts and policies that protect both you and your clients. Not only will your client expect you to have them, but knowing you have safeguards in place will prevent many sleepless nights.

It might be all sunshine and flowers at the beginning, but if a client or associate relationship starts to go south (as it often can) you need to feel confident that you won't be sued or screwed.

Completely Customisable

Yellow highlights show you where to edit the docs to reflect your individual business needs.

Completely Brandable

Simply paste the content onto your own headed paper and adjust colours to match your brand.

GDPR Compliant

Every contract and policy is fully compliant with current EU and UK GDPR requirements.

Updated Free of Charge

All contracts are updated and resent to buyers free of charge any time the law changes.


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Client Contract for Virtual Assistants

Freelancer Agreement Bundle

Every VA needs to send new clients a contract along with their terms and conditions so both parties know what's what. This contract covers everything including rates and payment terms, non-disclosure, GDPR assurance, indemnification, IP ownership and contract termination.

The bundle contains:

  • Freelancer agreement and T&Cs
  • Contract negotiation guide
  • Contract termination template
  • IR35 guidelines (for VAs who are UK Limited Companies)


Data Processing Agreement for Virtual Assistants

Data Processing Agreement (DPA)

A DPA is required for GDPR compliance and basically confirms that the Data Controller (your client) has obtained permission to collect personal data and is storing that data securely.

It also indemnifies the Data Processor (you) of all claims and actions by anyone who has not consented for their data to be used or any repercussions if your client has not obtained, stored or is using that personal data in a GDPR-compliant way. 


Website Policies for Virtual Assistants

Website Policies Bundle

In order to comply with GDPR, all websites legally need a cookie policy, a privacy policy and, while it's not a legal obligation, it's a good idea to add your terms to your site as well. This bundle contains all three.

Simply edit the docs to reflect your own needs, copy and paste them all into one 'Legal Policies' page and then put a link to the page in the footer of your website.

The bundle contains:

  • Cookie policy
  • Privacy policy 
  • Terms of use

Associate Contract for Virtual Assistants

Associate Contract Bundle

A contract makes the whole process of onboarding and working with other Virtual Assistants much easier. You can create project-based variations and you'll never have to worry about not being paid or losing clients to one of your Associates.

The bundle contains:

  • Associate contract
  • Contract termination template 
  • IR35 guidelines (for VAs who are UK Limited Companies)

Associate Data Processing Agreement (DPA)

This Associate DPA is required for GDPR compliance and basically confirms that the Data Sub-Processor (your Associate) is handling all personal data with the right permission and is storing that data securely.

It also serves as proof that you are living up to your own DPA requirements with your client (the Controller).

* If you already have a VA/Client DPA you can edit the roles to Data Processor and Data Sub-Processor. But in this doc, the role editing has been done for you.

Data Breach Notification Template

Data Breach Notification

The ICO defines a personal data breach as "a security incident that has affected the confidentiality, integrity or availability of personal data. In short, there will be a personal data breach whenever any personal data is accidentally lost, destroyed, corrupted or disclosed; or if someone accesses the data or passes it on without proper authorisation."

If this happens to you (or your client) you need to submit a notification to the ICO outlining the incident. Here is a customisable template you can edit to reflect the details of the incident.


* Don't forget to apply the discount code LEGAL20 at checkout to get 20% off your shopping basket when you buy two or more products.

Important: An accurate checkout process is the buyer's responsibility and reimbursements will not be made if a buyer forgets to apply a discount code.

Meet The Lawyer

Janet Alexandersson is a Swedish lawyer specialising in international business law. Having studied at Uppsala University and the University of Toronto, Janet is experienced in common and civil law as well as being an experienced litigator in both private and family law.
Providing both remote consultation and hands-on implementation, Janet works with startups and multinational clients from all over the world and predominantly focuses on business-related contracts such as partnership agreements, web policies, and contractor agreements.

Frequently Asked Questions

What legal documents do I actually need?

Great question! VAs definitely need a Freelancer Agreement (the T&Cs make up the second page of the doc) but you only need the Website Policies if you have a website and the Associate Agreement and Sub-Processing DPA if you outsource work to other VAs.

You need the Data Processing Agreement (DPA) if you process personal data that has been gathered and stored by your client. So if you even have the ability to access a client's email contacts, mailing list, WordPress dashboard (IP addresses also count as personal data) or social media accounts, you should get the DPA and ask your client to sign to confirm they have gathered and are storing that data in compliance with GDPR.  

What do I do if a client queries a clause in my contract?

It's important to know that all legal contracts are just a starting point. A contract is a written agreement between you and your client and can be tailored to suit the needs of both parties. You are free to switch around Intellectual Property rights and edit/remove any clauses that the client may disagree with such as outsourcing work to an Associate.

Janet is in the VA Handbookers Facebook group and is available to answer questions. So, if a client does query a clause in your contract, simply tag Janet in the group and she can advise you.

Is the Freelancer Agreement suitable for every VA, client and situation?

The Freelancer Agreement is not a custom contract. It's impossible to create a contract that every VA in the world would be able to use 'straight out of the box' which is why it includes instructions on how to tailor it to your own individual business structure and to reflect each client relationship.

The Freelancer Agreement is simply a legally-compliant affordable option that offers sufficient protection for the most common freelancer requirements whilst remaining simple enough for you and your clients to understand. A tailor-made contract would cost considerably more than this one.

What kinds of clauses does the Freelancer Agreement contain?

The Freelancer Agreement's main clauses cover the independent contractor relationship, IP ownership, EU and UK GDPR (data protection), fees and late/non-payment, liability, indemnification, subcontracting, materials and information, office hours and communication, confidentiality/non-disclosure, the statement of work, deliverables, limitation of liability, work product conformity, force majeure, dispute resolution and termination of contract.

The second part of the contract is your T&Cs. This i where you can go into more detail about specific chargeable expenses and deliverables of individual projects.

Are these contracts just for UK Virtual Assistants?

No. While the templates have been written to meet UK jurisdiction regulations, the contracts have editable sections (with notes) in order to cover VAs based in the US, Canada and Australia. Although they will provide basic protection to VAs outside of these countries, they may need additional editing to abide by local regulations.

If you're unsure about your jurisdiction or want a quote for a custom contract then email support(at)thevahandbook(dot)com. Please note that Janet doesn't offer free general legal advice, however.

Do I need the Associate DPA if I already have a regular client/VA DPA?

Maybe not. If you already have the regular VA/Client DPA you could just edit the roles and terminology to reflect the new Data Processor and Data Sub-Processor roles.

However, as I often received emails from Lead VAs who weren't 100% sure which bits to edit, I asked Janet to create a standalone Associate Sub-Processing DPA with the right terminology in the right places.

Does the Freelancer Contract contain a data clause?

Yes. However, the data clause in the contract simply serves as an assurance, whereas the Data Processing Agreement is for GDPR compliance. Basically, the contract is you saying you will comply and your DPA is you actually complying.

Can my clients buy and use these documents?

While your client can use the Data Breach Notification the legal contracts are written to reflect the specific needs of VAs, so we're going to say no just to be on the safe side.

How will I know which bits to edit?

Each document contains yellow highlights to indicate sections that you may want to add, edit or delete to reflect your own situation. These include things such as your location, rates, business entity, office hours, termination period, insurance details and which third party organisations you share personal data with.

IMPORTANT: Please DO NOT change anything in the documents that isn't highlighted in yellow. Some of the wording may look grammatically incorrect to you, but it is correct 'legal speak' and changing it may invalidate your entire contract. Please email me or tag Janet in the VA Handbookers Facebook group if you are unsure.

Can I edit the font or add my logo?

Yes. You can add your logo and edit the wording, colours and font at no extra cost. Just don't change any of the legal copy that isn't highlighted in yellow.

The docs say 'we' but it's just me.

Don't worry. 'We' refers to the business entity and it's fine to keep it that way even if you're a one-man band. My policies look like that too.

Are the docs written in UK or US English?

They're all written in UK English but only because Janet had to pick one! The docs can be used for UK, EU, US, Canadian and Australian VAs so just edit to suit.

Do I receive a different discount if I'm a Rock Star?

Yes. Trainees of my DIY VA course receive a discount on all of the contracts and not just if they buy two or more. You will find your discount codes in the Resources section of the DIY VA course and in the Files section of your private trainee-only Facebook group.

I have another question that isn't answered here.

No problem. Just send an email to support(at)thevahandbook(dot)com and Janet or I will be happy to answer it.

"After months of worrying about GDPR I opened the templates yesterday and created all my documents. So easy to use and love they are in Word so I could just get on with it. I branded them and got them up on my website with Data Processor Agreements ready to go out to existing clients on Monday. I feel like a weight has been lifted and can't thank you enough. You have made this process so much easier."  Heidi Mortlock

"Comment received from my latest client upon receiving the contract to sign: "What a super contract, I don’t know who your legal person was but that was the easiest one to sign – covered all bases and totally fair."
If you are just getting started, it is seriously worth considering purchasing Jo's legal documentation pack - saves lots of time and goes down really well with clients!" Rosemary Wooding

"I invested in these and I so glad I did! I wanted to make sure that I had all the correct information to protect my business and it’s saved a whole lot of work! You can edit them to suit your business super easy and quick." Jordan Leigh Church

"As a new VA, I had a few variations of contracts from other sources that I was working on and tweaking. A situation arose where I unexpectedly landed a client and had no more time to continue fussing with the original round of contracts. After downloading the freelancer contract, it took me – I kid you not – less than 20 minutes to brand it and adjust it to suit my needs. Although I don’t have a legal background, I can clearly see the difference in what I have now vs what I was wasting my time on before. They're affordable and having the lifetime guarantee for updates is great peace of mind.  Fully worth every penny and I can’t recommend them enough." Heather Lawson-Bradfield

"I bought the new legal documents bundle last night and I am thrilled with them. They're perfectly structured for the needs of VAs, so now I am able to preempt with confidence a wide range of potential business issues. The fact that they are completely editable and brandable - not just logo, but font and colours too - means that my legal documents now align perfectly with my company's professional standards." Jane Oriel

"I bought the legal documents yesterday and can say with total confidence that they're superbly drawn up compared to so many I have come across so far! This is definitely refreshing and reassuring; moreover fairly priced. They were also flexible when it came to editing and branding and, most of all, easy to understand. Thank you!"  Monica Rossi

"These legal documents are just brilliant. Really straightforward and adaptable and exactly what I was looking for. To be honest it's just such a relief to know that I'm covered and can now focus my time on other things."  Charlie Fulton-Langley

"These docs are brilliant. Easy to edit, clean, straightforward and, most importantly, easy to understand."  Lisa Dellow

"I've just used Jos Freelancer contract for the first time and it's ace. Easy to adjust (with different suggestions included) and saved me hours. Having an easily adaptable legal contract is a whole load off my mind. It looks super professional and starts you off with the right professional context to go forward"  Pamela Hibbens

"Purchased the contract and processing agreement bundle from you last year - it’s fab! So easy to customise and love that you recently sent an updated version out. It’s saved me so much time, definitely worth the investment!"  Kelly Cox

"I purchased the VA agreement from you and I have actually just had an email from a client to say how well-written it is and they would like to use the person who did it for their businesses!"  Michelle Fernandes

"Just sent a new client (an international lawyer specialising in contracts and commercial strategy) my contract and this is her feedback: ...😊 I’m also very impressed by your contract - haven’t had anyone provide me with a document like that for a while!"  Rebecca McLachlan

"I just wanted to say how pleased I am that I bought this contract last night. (Nearly) got a new client (woo hoo) and was faffing around with one I bought earlier in the year from another company. I had tried to get in touch with them several times and never got a reply. Anyway, this one is super easy to use and fully editable. Just wish I hadn't wasted my money on the other one. Thank you, Janet!" Katy Lever

"Oh my, these are super sexy 😍. A VERY worthwhile investment (especially the data processing agreement) - I have clients waiting for me to draft up their privacy and cookie policies and so I feel MUCH more confident in doing my own properly so I can do theirs afterwards. Thank you!"  Deborah Hoult

"Thank you Jo for the website policy bundle. I was umming and ahhing about buying them last month, got them on Sunday and signed a client on Monday for an automation project plus I upsold her a new website. Paid for itself already! BAM! We appreciate you, woman!"  Sidel Stewart

"These documents are a breath of fresh air!! It's so nice to be able to open them in Word and just get on with it because they are so easy to brand and edit. They're super easy to understand too!"  Jane de Vos

"I bought these this week after buying from elsewhere when I first started and them not being what I wanted.. they're great, thank you!" Laura Robson

"I just wanted to tell you how much I love the docs! They are so easy to understand, it's clearly marked where things need to be tweaked for my business and they're much clearer to understand compared to other companies out there. As a VA it can be hard to find the right legal documents but these hit the nail right on the head. I can even brand them to my company, not just add my logo... LOVE IT! Naomi Marriott

"Best contract ever. It's easy to follow, easy to edit, spells it out to clients, statement of work is a stroke of genius, free updates to keep us legal... all-round brilliant. I actually had my solicitor review it as part of a company overhaul. They said (and I quote) “I literally need to do nothing to this doc”. So if anyone has a doubt, Jo’s legal docs are proper legal and beautiful."  Bex Inglis