* You've set up your business but you don't have enough clients 
* You've set up your business but you don't have any clients 
* You don't get enquiries via your website or social media 
* You get enquiries but they rarely lead to paid work 
* Your marketing is sporadic
* You don't know how to market your business
* Your marketing just isn't working 
* You stop marketing when you're busy
* You have no idea who your ideal client is 
* You're just waiting for the phone to ring
* You're not really sure what you're doing
If you answered yes to any of the above then it sounds like you could do with some marketing training!



"I started the Marketing course and came to the homework on the first section about finding out my 'Why?'. Until today, I didn't really realise how important this is! I know what I do and how I do it and I know I'm good at it, but I've never really asked or answered why I do it or why I wanted to do it - strange really when I think about why I left my full time job of 8+ years.  Watching the Ted Talk was eye opening, therefore tonight will consist of me figuring out my why and also revising my services!  I've concentrated on offering my niche of HR, that I actually forget I'm a pretty s**t hot administrator who is a perfectionist and loves to be organised! So why am I not showcasing this first and foremost?!" Amie Fletcher

"As my business has changed over time, the course helped me recognise that some of my own marketing messages were mixed and I needed to rewrite my content and redefine my target audience. My target client is on LinkedIn, so I found that section particularly useful and I was able to go away and run with Jo's advice straight away. I immediately felt more confident knowing that I was following a tried and tested method, rather than just bumbling around on my own! The marketing checklist remains particularly useful and I've incorporated the content into my social media planner so everything's in the same place for me to tick through every day. Happy days!" Victoria Tretis

"There was a lot of information to take in, but I found it all very exciting at the same time. The course has actually encouraged me to take a couple of steps back this week to really nail down my service offer and potential clients. I did the client avatar exercise and have worked out my 'why’. Doing this has really helped me to solidify and clarify what I want to do with my VA business. It was hard work, but I feel more ‘immersed’ in the world of my preferred clients now, which I feel sure will help me when it comes to marketing to them." Michelle Wright

"I'd already done Jo’s great DIY course when I started out as a VA and it was invaluable. So when the marketing course came along it was a no-brainer really. Although I had been marketing my business, there were so many things that I had missed, things I hadn’t thought of or got quite right. Having done the course, I now have so much more confidence to go out and market my business the best way possible and to the best of my ability." Lisa Dellow

"I launched Latchgate last year and worked through the DIY VA Course which is fantastic. I started the marketing course as I felt I wasn't doing enough of that for my own business. Jo has made the course really easy to follow and understand. I have really got into it and I'am no longer nervous about marketing my own business. It's going to be a great year!!" Jane de Vos


Do I have to complete the course within a specific timeframe? 
No. You have lifetime access so you can log in and work at your own pace whenever you want.

Do you show me exactly how to use each social media platform?
Because social media is such a huge subject, every channel is different, features are constantly changing and not every channel will suit your particular business, I've focused more on how to create a content strategy and ways to leverage each of the 3 main platforms to raise your profile. I then give you further resources so you can investigate the exact 'how-to details' of anything you'd like to explore further.

What documents are included in the course?
Included are: The networking handout sheet, 10 example LinkedIn summaries, my Guide on How to Get New Clients (there is also a walkthrough video showing you how to apply the method), and 10 example prospect email templates.

Can I see what you cover in the course? 
You can indeed. Just click on one of the big pink buttons and you'll be taken to the website where the course is located and there you can see the different price plans, modules and lessons.

I hear the marketing course is included with the DIY VA course
It is indeed. The DIY VA course provides enough information to set up your business and get clients, but you also have access to the more complex marketing strategies in this course when you're ready to go to the next level. 

I have a few more questions before I buy
No problemo. Email and ask away!


Continuous marketing is something that every freelancer needs to do and yet weirdly most people create a system for everything else in their business except marketing! Marketing doesn't have to be a scary, weird science. People have been doing business with each other for thousands of years and although the tools may change, the principles will always stay the same. So once you know what those principles are and you have a lock and load system in place, you'll never worry about finding work again.