If you're a Virtual Assistant who only charges by the hour then there's a limit to how much money you'll ever be able to make because there's only so many billable hours in a day. 

But if you start to look beyond the hourly rate business model, you can earn WAY more than you do now - and without working more hours. 

I know for a fact that there are loads of things you can do that will immediately improve your income and the only reason you're not earning as much as you could is simply because you don't know how to.

So, Iet me show you!



"I bought your pricing course yesterday. Premier, premium, five star, bespoke, first class... I have so many website tweaks to make ! Thanks a real eye opener."

"After progressing through the pricing course, I have now (for the first time in almost 4 years) finally increased my prices, from £25 to £30 an hour! Today I’ve already sent a project quote to a new enquiry, taking this new price into account. I also had a consultation call with a potential client - a social enterprise to add - who seemed fine with the new price, even after she’d already seen my old one last week on my website! I was waiting for her to say it was too much, but she didn’t! Phew! I still have some work to do, but this is the first step in improving the profitability of my business. Next step is to finally create some packages to put on my website."

"Since doing the pricing training I have managed to get three clients on retainers. The training and interview with Julia has made me think big time! I've already increased my rates across the board in line with my business birthday, but I have now been playing around with some more premium package rates which I want to approach a client about next week." 

"The price training interview with Julia was a game changer, a real brain cog shifter."

"The training has been spot on and I have now managed to convert another two clients onto retainers since completing it!"

"Confession time... I am holding my hands up to being a lazy so-and-so, but yesterday I finally embarked on the pricing training and requested testimonials from all the clients that I had yet to ask. By the end of the day I received the most amazing testimonial ever. Thanks Joanne Munro for the virtual kick up the backside. Wonderful things are happening!"

"Aha / airhead moment - just watching the video in the pricing course... I NEVER would have even thought of that!" 

"Going through the pricing training and proud to report I've just raised my rate by $5 an hour. I've also given my testimonials their own page."

"Hurrah! After wrestling with my conscience at the weekend I sent two clients an email saying that the concessionary rate would cease and that they would now be charged my normal hourly rate. Guess what? They both emailed back to say... "no probs"! Happy days! Perhaps I’m still not charging enough?!"

"After the pricing training, I managed to put a long-term client on a monthly package instead of an hourly rate - Yay!" 

"I highly recommend this course - it's a wise investment as it will change how you think about everything. It'll change your mindset from a freelancer to a business. Worth every penny."

"After sending the price increase emails to my clients they’ve all come back and said 'no problem, you’re worth it!'" 

"Big takeaway this week was the pricing training - about 30 minutes before it started one of my clients sent me a message asking me to do something immediately, which I did (moving from another client in the process) yet she's paying the same rate as everyone else. That can't continue as I'm getting the stress without any financial rewards for it. I sent her an email the next day, kindly explaining that anything that requires an immediate response will now attract a priority surcharge."


You're a natural-born admin machine so I know you find it hard to believe that anyone would pay good money for something you find so easy - but they do. And they will pay way more than you think too.

The biggest mistakes I see VAs making are not looking beyond the hourly rate business model, not getting the most out of retainers or knowing how to move clients on to them, not charging package and project rates, and not having the confidence to charge a decent amount for their hard-earned skills.

Money is not a dirty word and you're not 'being greedy' by wanting to earn more of it. I see so many of you undercharging for your services and I want to put a stop to it by showing you all the things you can do to earn more money - without working more hours.

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