Wanna Make More Money Without Working More Hours?

If you want to be a successful business owner, you'll need a toolkit of pricing strategies as well as a healthy money mindset. Otherwise, you could end up with a hobby instead of a profitable business.

The stark reality is that even if you're an exceptional VA with a wide array of skills that enhance businesses, your success hinges on your ability to charge effectively for your services

But don't panic because I know a host of quick and easy techniques you can implement right now to increase your income - and they're only a click away.

There are only a few ways VAs can earn more money.

  • Get more clients = you work more hours.
  • Get your existing clients to give you more tasks = you work more hours.
  • Charge more.
  • Use alternative pricing methods to earn more money without working more hours or increasing your rates until the end of time.

Guess which one my pricing course focuses on?

Yup. The first two options are "okay" but option four means you can work fewer hours AND make more money… which is definitely more appealing than working yourself into the ground.

I'm sure you work for yourself for many wonderful reasons such as freedom, flexibility and the pleasure of helping people.

But making money should be right at the top of your list.

Course Outline

Delivered via a mix of videos and written content, the pricing course covers:

The psychology of pricing

The world-famous investor Warren Buffet said, “Price is what you pay. Value is what you get". So, to make more profit, you need to understand the relationship between price and the perception of value.

Price, in itself, is an indicator of value. You could have 3 wine bottles filled with identical wine. But price them differently and people will think the most expensive wine is the best. This is because price not only communicates value, but it’s also how we judge value.

So, as pricing and the perception of 'value' are subjective (what seems expensive to one person may be cheap to another), a significant part of the course is dedicated to exploring the concept of value and the psychology underlying various pricing strategies.

To help you understand how clients perceive value in monetary terms, each lesson comes with real-life examples of the various pricing methods so you can apply them to your own business.

How to look expensive

Although price in itself is an indicator of value, you could be the best Virtual Assistant on the planet with rates that match your level of skill and experience, but nobody will pay them if you don't look like you're worth the money.

Because the concept and appearance of "worth" is a matter of perception, In this lesson, I show you how to employ the subtle psychological tactics used by luxury brands to project the image of a £100 an hour VA.

This lesson is designed to help you not only set your price but also how to communicate your value to potential clients.

Hourly rates and retainers

While the primary focus of the course is on earning more money without working more hours, this lesson explains how to raise your hourly rate without losing clients, how to decide which client to move to a monthly retainer and then how to smoothly transition the client to this new arrangement.

The lesson also covers the nuances of tiered and priority retainers, as well as rapid turnaround fees. More importantly, it provides valuable advice on shifting your views about your worth and how to confidently ask for more money.

Project and package rates

There are only around five billable hours in a day so you will soon hit an income ceiling if you rely solely on hourly rate pricing. You'll need to offer packages and project rates if you want to earn the big bucks.

As you will already have services, skills and knowledge that can be packaged up, in this lesson I help you work out what these are, decide what to charge for them and how to communicate their value to your clients so they understand why these are the best option for their needs.

I also provide an extensive list of VA services that are ideally suited for packages and guide you through the process of creating project fees.

Tiered and comparison pricing

Tiered pricing, also known as comparison pricing, is a common strategy in mainstream marketing and involves presenting different levels of your service at various price points, centred around a mid-range 'anchor' option.

In this lesson, I show you how to apply the tiered pricing model to a range of VA services. I also demonstrate how to select and establish different pricing tiers and give you a ton of ideas for premium add-ons for your highest-priced tier.

Using the expertise of others (and what you already have)

In this section, we explore how using the skills of others can significantly boost your income. Don't forget, as a VA, your primary duty is to support your clients, not to shoulder every task yourself!

You're a Virtual Assistant, not a Virtual Doer!

I show you various strategies for boosting your earnings by tapping into the expertise of others and then move on to maximising the revenue from your existing client base and services.

Because it's far easier to earn more money from existing clients than it is to find new ones.

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Happy Buyers

"There's so much useful advice about pricing on the VA Handbook website; I wondered how much more there could be in the Pricing course. But there is. So much more! Without giving too much away, I was able to produce pricing proposals showing the value a client would get. It is so much more than just cost. The course gave me the confidence to present myself with clarity and authority. After all, clients are paying us for our expertise in a particular area, right?!"

"I bought your pricing course yesterday. Premier, premium, five-star, bespoke, first-class... I have so many website tweaks to make! A real eye-opener."

I'm about 70% of the way through Jo's pricing course and loving it, feeling really buzzed about upgrading all areas of my business and shifting my mindset for good!! Also, something I just had to share: I'm in a co-working space today, and on my tea break from studying, I heard someone on the phone discussing a service provider he wants to hire, which he described as "reassuringly expensive"!! Feel like the universe wanted me to hear that today - no more undercharging!! 🤩 Amy Gibson

"I highly recommend this course - it's a wise investment, as it will change how you think about everything. It'll change your mindset from freelancer to business. It's worth every penny."

"After progressing through the pricing course, I have (for the first time in almost 4 years) finally increased my prices! Today I’ve already sent a project quote to a new enquiry, taking this new price into account. I also had a consultation call with a potential client who seemed fine with the new price, even after she’d already seen my old one last week on my website! I still have some work to do, but this is the first step in improving the profitability of my business. My next step is to finally create some packages to put on my website."

"Since doing the pricing course I have managed to get three clients on retainers. The interview with Julia has made me think big time! I've already increased my rates across the board in line with my business birthday, but I have now been playing around with some more premium package rates which I want to approach a client about next week."

"The price training interview with Julia was a game-changer, a real brain cog shifter."

"The training has been spot on and I have now managed to convert another two clients onto retainers since completing it!"

"Aha / airhead moment - just watching the video in the pricing course... I NEVER would have even thought of that!"

"Going through the pricing course and proud to report I've just raised my rate by $5 an hour. I've also given my testimonials their own page."

"Hurrah! After wrestling with my conscience at the weekend I sent two clients an email saying that the concessionary rate would cease and that they would now be charged my normal hourly rate. Guess what? They both emailed back to say... "no probs"! Happy days! Perhaps I’m still not charging enough?!"

"I just managed to put a long-term client on a monthly package instead of an hourly rate - yay!"

"After sending the price increase email to my clients they’ve all come back and said 'No problem; you’re worth it!"

"One of my clients sent me a message asking me to do something immediately, which I did (moving from another client in the process) yet she's paying the same rate as everyone else. That can't continue as I'm getting the stress without any financial rewards for it. As per the training, I sent her an email the next day explaining that anything that requires an immediate response will now attract a priority surcharge."

Money Back Guarantee

The only way you can decide if this course is for you is by being on the inside, not the outside. So if you sign up and decide it’s not for you, as long as you let me know within 14 days and you have completed less than 20% of the course, just ping me an email and I'll give you a full refund. 

Because if you're not happy, I'm not happy.

Use Tried And Tested Pricing Strategies to Supercharge Your Income.

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