Wanna be in a group where everyone is at the same level as you?

Great - you're ready to be an All Star!

The VA All Stars is a £5 p/m membership group for established Virtual Assistants who just want to engage with other VAs at the same level as them.

Being in a collaborative environment with your peers, sharing advice and taking advantage of one another's knowledge, skills and contacts will take your VA business from good to great and from great to OMFG!

Be more. Be an All Star.

Sound familiar?

You've been in business for a while, you've got a few clients and you're in a couple of VA Facebook groups - but they're kinda noisy and half the members are either new or still at the research stage.

We all had to start somewhere, but there comes a time when you need a separate space where you can learn from and collaborate with other VAs who are a bit further along.

Enter the All Stars.

The All Stars is a professional (but fun) member-led community of established VAs all working together, staying on top of the latest AI and tech trends and learning from their peers.

As the ancient proverb goes: "As iron sharpens iron, so one person sharpens another." And that's what the All Stars is all about.

Taking Place in The All Stars



Most of the All Stars are interested in staying on top of all the exciting advances in AI so the group contains lots of guides, prompts, demos, discussions, live sessions and platform recommendations. Members share and learn from one another.


As many of the All Stars (inc myself) love the increased productivity, accountability and community that comes with coworking, All Stars often organise their own virtual coworking sessions including events for the group's overseas members.


Recent (international) events have included a Q&A session with two VAs who hire over 60 associates between them, a Notion walkthrough demo, a session on social media content creation, end-of-month reviews, and book club discussions.


Being in a group full of experienced Virtual Assistants has enabled members to collaborate on projects, hire one another as associates and pass on work opportunities where they don't have the skillset, inclination or availability.

Benefits of a peer-only group

Advanced discussions

A seasoned collective of VAs at a similar stage in their business can have more sophisticated and relevant conversations about challenges and strategies while avoiding basic newbie questions that are no longer applicable to them.

All Starmembers focus on more complex issues such as scaling, building a team, optimising processes, managing a larger client base and implementing advanced marketing strategies.

Networking and associate opportunities

Interacting with other experienced VAs opens doors to collaborations, partnerships and client referrals. The All Stars are pretty proactive when it comes to arranging Q&A sessions as well as coworking and networking sessions.

Members also partner up and hire one another. This not only allows them to take on more work, but pooling their resources means they can accept larger projects that would be unattainable to them individually.

Advanced knowledge and resource sharing

All Stars benefit from the collective wisdom and experiences of the group and gain insights into best practices and emerging trends that may enhance their business.

Resource sharing in a peer group such as this has been a game-changer for the members as they now have access to tools, processes, services and contacts that are better suited to VAs with more experience under their belt.

First-hand understanding

As experienced VAs, All Stars understand the unique pressures of running and growing a business out of it's early stages. They can also offer unique support and advice based on the fact that they have 'been there, done that and got the T-shirt'!

The group is also a more manageable size so you can cut through the noise, receive fast, reliable answers and find the information you need more quckly.

Focused problem-solving

Free from basic newbie questions, All Stars discuss more next-level and niche-specific challenges. These include fine-tuning their marketing, optimising their systems and processes, setting up agencies, taking on associates and using AI to both enhance their client's businesses and elevate their own.

Committed to continuous learning and improvement, the All Stars work together to brainstorm solutions, share what has (or hasn't) worked for them and explore growth strategies.

You know you're going to get a solid answer based on first-hand experience in this group!


Happy All Stars

I love being part of The VA All Stars. I needed some guidance and the opportunity to connect with other VAs who were further down the road in their VA journey. I’ve learnt so much and have taken on quite a bit more work recently and I’d say this was down to Joanne Munro and the friendly VA’s of the group. I deffo needed this group in my life! 🥰

- Kelly Dixon

Have only been a member of The VA All Stars for a week but am already learning - there is so much going on and also a Book Club. 🤩 And you are on a roll Jo with all the ChatGTP - phew so many courses and prompts and then there is coworking too! 💚🩵💜

- Barbs Freeman

Six invaluable elements of the All Stars: coworking, accountability, brainstorming, connections, friendships, and being able to chat about a wide variety of topics with people who are at a similar stage in business (established, but still come across a head-scratcher now and then)! 🤩🎉

- Anastasia Blackwell Olson

It was like Jo read my mind when she created All Stars. I've been so busy working in my day-to-day full VA diary and kept thinking I should try and stop to work out where I want to take the business. As soon as I saw her post about the group I thought "That's for me!"

I love everything I've taken part in so far. I posted a comment in the group about something I wanted to find out more about and it ended up in an amazing Zoom chat with fantastic members sharing their knowledge. Invaluable advice!

I am so glad I joined! ⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️

- Carol Pull

I signed up for Jo's VA All Stars as I have had my business for 8 years now. I have had boom times and quieter times and, as the sole manager of my business, it can be difficult to relay to others the struggles with motivation, consistency and keeping up with the latest trends.

Let's face it, technology that exists now wasn't around 10-15 years ago, and we have to keep learning as we go. This group has provided me with a space to connect with others and learn.

I found by attending my first knowledge session this week on AI social/blog making that I have already been able to implement it in my business and my client's business and it's a game changer for me. Thank you for bringing the fire back to my motivation and to my business.

- Letty Scrimgeour

The VA All Stars has helped me to re-focus and look at my business again and enjoy it again! The discussions on AI and growing your business have helped expand my business ideas. It’s a great group to belong to and collaborate with.

- Jill Hartery

The All Stars has helped me to put my focus back on my business and get excited about being a VA again. I've been able to brainstorm with other VAs and learn about new technology. My business has picked back up and I'm learning new things - which is great for not only MY business but also my clients' businesses.

- Denise Riches

The valuable contributions of other VAs have really helped me – especially the recent session on ChatGPT as I joined the group knowing that I needed to change and adapt.

Your group is exactly what I need as I am making changes to my business .... I certainly will not be leaving the group! I believe there is no 'silver bullet' to solving issues etc, it's investment, self-accountability and without meaning to sound too woo-woo about it... a (learning) journey to be enjoyed. Thanks again.

- Jasmin Boyle

I’m so glad I joined the All Stars! I’ve already had discussions with other VAs about strategies for business growth, including outsourcing to associates, raising my prices, and upping my marketing. It’s super helpful to have access to this as I’m actually talking to other VAs who can share their direct experience in this area. I've already gained so much from the group in the short time it's been running, having access to Jo and her 10+ years of experience, taking part in monthly planning sessions, and virtual co-working spaces are just some of the benefits. And for only £5 a month, it's an absolute bargain!

- Tom Lingard

I’m so pleased I joined the VA All stars group a couple of months ago. It’s lovely being able to share and bounce ideas of other VAs that have loads of experience. The more advanced discussion around AI and coworking sessions are great too.

- Bee Kingshott

I'm really enjoying the VA All Stars group. I've met some great people and feel I'm at a similar stage in my business to others, so all the information and questions are super helpful.

- Abigail Glover

VAs Need to Stay Relevant

I firmly believe the future of the VA industry depends on our ability to adapt and change with the times.

New technology and AI are evolving at an unprecedented rate and if we want to stay competitive, we need to stay on top of it.

Because our clients will certainly want to.

I can't see how one VA can possibly keep up with all these new developments by themselves (I certainly can't) so the group is heavily focused on learning and sharing what we know.

All Stars are committed to staying ahead of the AI curve so they can stay relevant in today's fast-paced digital world.

This Group is Not For Newbies

My VA Handbookers Facebook group is amazing but it's a very large community and many members are in the early stages of their business or still researching the whole "VA Thing". The group can be noisy with the same beginner questions being asked over and over again.

This is why I created the All Stars

I wanted a place where VAs who were past the newbie stage could step away from the noise into a quiet room with VAs just like them so they could have more "next-level" conversations, grow their business and create the type of group they always wanted.


Who do you consider an "established" VA?

I class an established VA as someone who already has a business name and is working with at least one or two clients.

Basically, no newbies!

There are no discussions on how to set up, where to start and how to get your first client in the All Stars.

So if you're just starting out and haven't yet decided on a business name or what services to offer, I suggest you apply to join when you have more experience running your business and have worked with a client or two.

Where does the action take place?

The All Stars is membership to a private Facebook group. Although Facebook doesn't yet offer paid groups, it was the most suitable location because most people have an account on the platform.

You purchase the monthly subscription and are provided with the Facebook joining link.

Anyone can find the group but only members can view the content and see who else is in the group. All Stars are asked to keep any information posted in the group private and confidential.

What do you mean when you say the group is "member-led"?

It means the All Stars run the show, not me.

  • Fancy asking VAs who specialise in podcasts/minute-taking/membership groups/etc what tools they use and who they work with? Then set up a Q&A with them.
  • Want to hold an end-of-month review or an international networking sesh? Then set one up.
  • In the mood for a little bit of focused coworking? Then share your Zoom link and do it.
  • Event not at a time of your liking? Then arrange another one.

So you need to be proactive if you want to be part of the All Stars community.

Can I start and stop my membership?

Yes. If you sign up but later decide to take a break, simply log in and cancel the membership in your Munro Courses account dashboard.

Your monthly recurring payments will cease and you will be removed from the Facebook group at the end of the period you've paid for. However, if I raise the membership price in the meantime, you will pay the new price when you rejoin.

How much is the All Stars in my own currency?

The monthly payment of £5 GBP is roughly €6 Euros, $6 USD, $8.50 CAD and $9.50 AUD but you should check the website xe.com to find out the current exchange rate as it fluctuates daily.

The price you will pay should also appear on the checkout page before you click to confirm the transaction.

I have another question

No problemo. Email support(at)thevahandbook(dot)com and ask away!the transaction.

Why These VAs Joined The All Stars

"I feel I have hit a bit of a wall and become rather stagnant in my business. I'm keen to learn, get inspiration, re-focus, get new ideas and also improve my ancient tech skills (I am a bit old school 🤣)."

"It’s all gone a bit stale and I want to inject some joy back into my business. I’ve got lost following my client's dreams rather than my own. So excited to be with this hive mind."

"I've lost touch with the VA community in the last few years and I want to get back up to speed with the tech, learn more about AI and get back to working on my business, instead of in it all the time."

"Accountability, camaraderie, sound-boarding, brainstorming. Just being around other people who either feel exactly how I feel, have been where I am, or are just willing to nudge me along when I get stuck! The coworking alone is a total winner!"

"I’ve been head down building my business for the last 4 years and it will be lovely to be able to learn new tricks of the trade from other established VAs whilst getting the chance to socialise with like-minded business go-getters." 🍷

"I am looking to get some accountability to grow my business, learn more, especially the AI stuff, share experiences and be amongst like-minded people."

"I've been feeling a bit down in the dumps about my business lately. I know it will pass, as it always does eventually, so I am hoping for inspiration to get me back on track. I am at my best when I am learning something new so keen to hear more about the future of AI!"

"I joined the group to keep up to date with everything and to keep learning. I’m especially keen to learn more about AI. It’ll be great to be part of a like-minded, VA community.🤩"

"My business has gone from strength to strength but I need some accountability and support to take it further (and a kick up the bum, if I am honest). I am excited to be in this group, to learn new skills and have some accountability."

Be More. Be An All Star.