* You want to earn more money but are limited by how many hours you can work.
* You're at capacity but you keep receiving enquiries.
* You want to expand your business but don't want to hire an employee.
* You turn down work because you don’t have the skills required.
* You want to provide coverage for your clients when you’re out of the office, sick or on holiday.
* You’re going on maternity leave and you need someone you trust to cover you.
If you're a Virtual Assistant looking to grow your business, then it may be time to take on an associate.



"I found the associates training extremely helpful. I managed to find the most fabulous associate who I will continue to work with for a long time to come. I was looking for a skill set close to my own and the training helped me identify those skills and values. It also helped me to write a clear advertisement so I got quality VAs applying. The training is concise and easy to follow and the matrix really helped me pick the right person. Thank you Victoria!" Alice Whitaker

“Loving the training so far. It has made me think about holiday and emergency cover and that I should look to put something in place. I am also considering services that I don't offer and how associates could help me widen my services and grow the business.” Heidi Mortlock

"I want to complete the associate training so I can get ready for the inevitable overload point. The training is spot on by the way - so informative and a real step-by-step in how to take associates on in a way that works for you." Alex Wilkinson

"I completed the training and I LOVED it. I had so many questions about hiring an associate, and the idea that I could double or even triple my income by hiring an associate blew my mind. When I began the training, as I said, I had so many questions, but the course literally answered everything. It was a true wealth of information, it left me inspired and encouraged me to keep going in my business so that I could build up a client-base to warrant actually hiring an associate. My goal is to hire one by year-end, but if that doesn't happen, 2020 is definitely my year to expand my team! Easy to follow, very comprehensive, and I definitely recommend it to anyone who wants to continue building their business." Denise Riches

"The course was really helpful in identifying what tasks I can delegate out and also what type of associates I was looking for. Since doing the course I have successfully taken two associates on board for ad hoc work and I will be looking to expand this as I take on more clients. The style of the course is really easy to work through and Victoria has done a smashing job of making something quite complicated really easy to understand." Jane de Vos 


How long will it take to complete the training?
You can complete the course in about half a day although you’ll benefit from taking time to think about and reflect on certain exercises. You get lifetime access so you can start when you like and come back to it whenever you need to.

Is the course suitable for non-UK VAs?
It is indeed. Although the legal and financial aspects are UK-focused (because that's where I'm based), you are encouraged to seek out the equivalent for your geographical location at that particular stage. GDPR and insurance companies are globally-focused but tax laws will vary depending on your location. 

How is the training delivered?
The course lessons are a combination of text and videos. Certain lessons also come with downloadable worksheets for you to complete.

Are contracts and legal documents included in the course?
Unfortunately not. The copyright for all of my legal agreements belong to the lawyer who wrote them and so I can't include them for free in someone else's course I'm afraid.

Can I see what modules are included in the course? 
You can. Just click on one of the big pink 'buy now' buttons and you'll be taken to the site where the course is located and there you will see all the different modules and lessons.

Does the course teach me how to be an associate to another VA?
No, this course is for experienced VAs looking for associates to work for them. 

I have a few more questions before I buy
No problem. Email and ask away! 

You shouldn't just find a VA you like and outsource work to them

Many VAs are under the impression that they can just hire another VA who they get along with, but that could mean they don't actually have the right skills. The entire hiring process isn't as straightforward as it sounds, and not having the right quality and legal controls set up from the very beginning could prove to be a costly mistake.

Apart from ensuring the idea is financially viable, you also need to be confident in the quality of work produced and that the associate can deliver to your client's standard and within set deadlines - otherwise, you run the risk of damaging your client's business as well as your own reputation.  


Because I hadn’t worked with associate VAs myself, I asked Victoria Tretis from My VA Rocks to write this course after receiving numerous requests for training on how to safely hire an associate. 

Prior to setting up her business, Victoria was an employed VA and worked closely with another VA. They buddied together to provide back-up support to one another’s clients during holidays, absences and seasonal peaks. As a result, Victoria took on associates quite early on, not only because she wanted to expand, but because she knew that there were huge advantages to having someone reliable to call upon for help in times of need.

“Working with associates isn’t just about making more money, there’s a lot to be said for the peace of mind that comes from having your own reliable support behind the scenes. As VAs, we often think we have to do it all, and yet sometimes we need to heed our own advice and hire help before we need it. In this course, I’ve given you my entire brain and I share honest, real-life examples about how having associates on board (before I even needed them) saved my sanity and my business.”