As a business owner, it's important to have legally binding contracts to protect both you and your clients. Not only will your client expect you to have them, but knowing you have a contract in place will prevent a helluva lot of sleepless nights!

Because my expertise lies in how to set up and run a successful VA business, I've teamed up with the legal experts from KoffeeKlatch to provide you with all the legal docs you need whatever stage your business is at.

It may be all lovely at the beginning of your client relationship, but if it all goes horribly wrong (and it often can) you need to know you're safely covered and aren't going to get sued or screwed!


KoffeeKlatch are legal specialists  (it's what they do!) and their library of VA contracts and policies will ensure you're completely compliant with all UK and European laws.


"I've just sent the Booking Form and Terms for the first time to a new client for signing. They have been incredibly complimentary about it. It's clear, comprehensive and they know exactly where they stand." Emily Dover

"Taking on my first associate was really simple with the KoffeeKlatch associate agreements. I felt confident that the agreements would protect both of us if anything were to change and reassured by the level of detail they go into. Clauses on payments, holidays, confidentiality, standards of work etc. it's all there!" Claire Grace

"When people ask me how do I cope with clients, contracts, data protection changes and running a VA business, I tell them I don't worry about it, I just ask KoffeeKlatch. I don't have to be confused or work it all out on my own." Lucy Messaritis

"I’ve had clients who would only work with contracts and confidentiality agreements in place. I had basic contracts to start with but upgraded to Annabel’s contracts last year and they are fab - well worth investing in." Allison Christie


What is this GDPR thing I keep hearing about?
GDPR are new European Data Protection Regulations. If you hold personal data in your business (and you do) you'll need to comply with the regulations, explain how you're compliant to your clients AND make sure any data you're working on for your clients is also compliant because it's YOU who will be fined and not them if it isn't.

You don't have to be based in the EU for it to apply either. If you do business with EU residents, have a website that people in the EU access, if people from the EU sign up to your newsletter, if you collect EU IP addresses or track EU cookies then you'll be subject to GDPR... it's kind of a big deal so I've written a blog post on it here.

I'm not in the UK so can I still use these contracts?
Although the freelance contract is specifically designed for UK law and courts, it is still of great practical use in other jurisdictions as it's based on real VA experiences and issues. This means you can set it to work in your local area by specifying in the booking section that your local law applies. The GDPR compliancy will be invaluable if you have EU clients or capture data from EU residents however. If you're overseas and not sure if the GDPR laws apply to you then please check in the blog post mentioned above.

Can I adapt the contracts?
You have a few options when you click through to KoffeeKlatch's site. You can either buy basic KoffeeKlatch branded docs or you can upgrade to brandable, fully editable with support, or choose a completely customised option written with you and for you.

I previously bought your own contract and T&Cs from the VA Handbook, are they still ok to use?
Yes. They were checked over by a legal expert and are still ok to use. But because I'd much rather help you set up and run your business instead of worrying about having to update them every time the law changes, I've stopped selling mine and am recommending you go straight to a professional legal expert instead. 


Because they felt there was a big gap between the law and people’s expectations, legal consultants Annabel Kaye and Christopher Head founded KoffeeKlatch in 1989 to provide legal compliance resources and support to modern service sector businesses - particularly VAs, trainers and coaches who require both personal and associate contracts.

Annabel is a speaker and consultant on UK employment law and GDPR legislations and has a particular interest in freelancing and virtual teams. Also an expert in employment law, Christopher qualified as a barrister in 1976 and is adept at translating legal jargon into easy-to-understand advice.

Annabel and Christoper work closely with other VA trainers and organisations such as the SVA to ensure their readers and members are fully compliant with all legislation.