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DIY VA COURSE (34% off)

In this (award-winning) course, I not only show you how to set up and run your own VA business but I hold your hand throughout the entire process and do everything in my power to help you succeed.

With lifetime access, the course also comes with a private trainee-only group where I focus heavily on mindset to ensure you become a confident and decisive business owner.

Usually £597, discounted to £397 & includes £332 worth of free bonuses!


This course covers so many things including identifying your ideal client, prospecting, branding and alignment, promoting yourself on social media, strategy and mistakes to avoid.

Once you've completed this course you'll know how to market yourself on any platform - forever!

Usually £99, discounted to £69 & includes the Guide on How to Get New Clients.


Minute taking is a traditional, highly sought-after, premium skill that will bring in a regular income and never dates.

Taught in a series of video tutorials, this course covers everything you need to know about minute taking whether you're a total beginner or simply looking for a refresher.

Usually £179, discounted to £139


This course contains next-level pricing strategies for VAs looking to earn more money and covers retainers, package and project rates, tiered pricing, money mindset and more.

Because if you only charge by the hour, you'll soon get squished by a (totally smashable) income ceiling.

Usually £99, discounted to £69


A popular and lucrative service is setting up and managing client newsletters and mailing lists.

In this comprehensive email marketing course, I cover lead magnets, signup pages, how to write compelling GDPR-compliant content, how to understand and improve key metrics and what to charge for the service.

Usually £99, discounted to £69


These legal docs include a freelancer contract and T&Cs, a data processing agreement (DPA: you need this to process personal data held by your client), website policies, an associate contract, an associate DPA and a data breach notification template.

All contracts are updated and resent to buyers free of charge any time the law changes.


This is a step-by-step process of how to identify, qualify, connect and contact your ideal client. I secure all of my own clients via this method and the process took me years to hone.

It works so well for me that I don't use any other method to get clients.

Usually £25, discounted to £15


Not part of the Black Friday sale, simply a quick reminder that there is ALWAYS a 10% reduction on Professional Indemnity Insurance for my UK audience.

PolicyBee comes highly recommended by my Facebook group and they are the insurance brokers I use myself.

Click the image or link above to visit PolicyBee's website.

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Do any of these products come with other courses?

Yes. The Endless Clients Marketing course and the Guide on How to Get New Clients are included in the DIY VA course. The Guide on How to Get New Clients is also included in the Endless Clients Marketing course.

Do I have to start my course right away?

No. You receive lifetime access to any course you buy so you could always take advantage of the sale offers but start the course when you're ready.

How do I see how much a product is in my own currency?

You can use the currency converter website to see the prices in different currencies. You will also be shown the amount you will pay in your own currency during the buying process before the transaction is completed.

When does the Black Friday sale start and end?

The 2023 VA Handbook Black Friday sale starts at 7am Friday 24th November and ends at 9pm on Monday 27th November UK time (GMT).

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No problem. Just send an email to if you can't see the answer to your question on the sales page of the product you are interested in.

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